“Advanced” Code Snippet
(Last Updated On: June 20, 2014)

Note: This article is now considered obsolete.

Early in 2014, we removed the basic/advanced versions of the code. All customers now have the “Advanced” code snippet by default. If your code snippet does not look like the ones pictured below, you may want to re-install your SnapEngage code.


For most of our users, the “Basic” version of the SnapEngage Code Snippet will suffice.

But for advanced users and Web Developers, the “Advanced” version of the Code Snippet is designed to provide much more flexibility. It provides a framework for for hand-coding customizations to your Live Chat, using SnapEngage’s JavaScript API.

Since our code loads asynchronously, you need to use the Advanced Code Snippet so that your calls to SnapEngage’s Javascript API do not occur before those functions are available.

So here’s where to get it

First, log into your trusty Configurator, and navigate to the “Get the Code” tab.


Then just open up the “Advanced” section by clicking on the word.


That’s it. You now have access to the Advanced code snippet, use this power wisely.