Do I need an API Key?
(Last Updated On: May 11, 2017)

The term “API” can be confusing, so all this talk of an “API Key” can be equally confusing.

The short answer is: 99% of our customers will not need an API Key.

Some common points of confusion:

  • Please do not confuse “API Key” with “Widget ID
  • You do not need an API Key to use our Javascript API
  • All you need to use the Javascript API is the “Advanced” Code Snippet. (Older customers only.)
  • You do not need an API Key to use any of our Integrations.
  • You do not need an API Key to use our POST API to create your own integration.

What is an API Key and what would I need it for?

An API Key provides access to our:

  • Provisioning API
  • Visitor Chat API

These are highly advanced features intended for experienced Developers. Unless you are building your own chat front end using our back end system, or doing really fancy things with widget and agent account creation, you do not need to worry about getting an API Key.