POST API Details (XML)
(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Event API details

When the API is activated and a new contact request is received, SnapEngage will automatically send a POST transaction to the URL specified in the API configuration. The transaction provides details about the request in an XML format.

POST event details:

Additional information

source_id: The tag source_id has an integer value of 1 when the SnapEngage interaction was a simple offline message, and 2 when it was a live chat session.

retries: The target system needs to respond with and HTTP 200 to confirm that the event has been received and processed. In the absence of a successful HTTP response, SnapEngage will retry the HTTP POST automatically for approximately 2 hours before sending it through email and flagging the event as sent.

using PHP: The XML content is a stream in XML format. You can not access this stream in the $_* variables of PHP. Please use this instead: