Welcome to the SnapEngage API

Greetings, developers!

Please use the index in the sidebar to find documentation for our JavaScript API, Integration API, and more.

API Tokens

You have the ability to manage your own API token for SnapEngage. The first step in doing so is making sure you actually need an API token to accomplish your goal. You do NOT need a token to work with the SnapEngage Javascript API or POST API.

Additionally, the Provisioning and Get Chat APIs will still need their own keys. To get a key for either of these APIs, please email support@snapengage.com.

The API page in your Admin Dashboard allows you to generate a token to use the Visitor Chat and Logs API!

To get to the API page, go into your Admin Dashboard and go to My Account > API Token.  For more information about this page, please see this help article.

Happy coding, you big nerd, you!