(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

Deprecated. This API method is not supported in the Design Studio. Design Studio users may change the position of the chat form by going to Chat Box -> Global Box Settings -> In-page Popup. (If you are a legacy Style tab user, this API is still supported).

Manually set the position where you would like the chat window to appear. (Will not reposition an already-visible chat box.)


String | (Required)
br : Bottom-right, the default (recommended in most cases).
bl : Bottom-left.
tr : Top-right.
tl : Top-left.
c : Center (not recommended in most cases).
This option can also be easily set in the “Style” tab of the SnapEngage Configurator without the need for an API call. But you can use this function if you need to reposition the chat window in a special circumstance.