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var languageCode = 'de';

Allows you to set the visitor chat to use a different language than the one you have set up in your Admin Dashboard. See table of Paramter Values for potential locales.


Parameter Type Description
languageCode String Set the locale manually using one of the available languages listed in the table below. Requires specific values that are case-sensitive, see the table below of "Parameter Values".

Parameter values

Language Value
Arabic 'ar'
Azerbaijini 'az'
Chinese (Simplified) 'zh'
Chinese (Traditional) 'zh_TW'
Czech 'cs'
Danish 'da'
Dutch 'nl'
English 'en'
Estonian 'et'
Finnish 'fi'
French 'fr'
French (Canadian) 'fr_CA'
German 'de'
Hebrew 'rw'
Hungarian 'hu'
Icelandic 'is'
Italian 'it'v
Japanese 'ja'
Korean 'ko'
Latvian 'lv'
Lithuanian 'lt'
Norwegian Bokmaal 'nb'
Norwegian Nynorsk 'nn'
Polish 'pl'
Portuguese 'pt'
Russian 'ru'
Romanian 'ro'
Slovak 'sk'
Spanish 'es'
Swedish 'sv'
Turkish 'tr'