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    Logs API

    The SnapEngage Logs API allows developers to batch-export the logs for a particular widget. This API provides a good way to customize your own reporting, and send this data to third-party applications.

    Authentication for Logs API

    Logs API user authentication is token based. You can generate an API token to use by logging in to the Admin Dashboard and going to My Account -> API Token.

    Each request expects for the API token to be included in all API requests to the server in a header that looks like the code sample to the right:

    // NOTE: Make sure to replace the "api_token" below with your API token!
    "Authorization: api_token"

    Organization ID

    You can find your orgId in the Admin Dashboard, on the My Account -> Api Token page, after you have generated an API token. Many API calls use this orgId as a URL parameter.